Welcome to Infinity Zero

Uh.. Infinity Zero?

Infinity Zero is the name of the land we play on our Minecraft Server. It's a place run and endorsed by Split Infinity Radio where DJs, listeners and friends alike meet up and play minecraft. The server is running the Infinity Engine mod-pack. You are welcome to join us.

And how do I join your server?

First of all you need to have a valid minecraft account. (i.e. you need to have bought the game). Our server validates players against the central Minecraft Servers. Visit minecraft.net to purchase the game if you haven't done so already (roughly 20)

Then you need to download the Technic Pack Launcher. Technic Pack is a tool that facilitates running modded clients and connecting to modded servers. Download the Launcher from technicpack.net and install it.

Finally, install the Infinity Engine mod pack on your Technic Pack Launcher. The Infinity Engine mod-pack is a custom made pack just for this server. It is based upon Tekkit Lite and Minecraft 1.4.7, and it adds additional mods and functionality to the game.

To Install Infinity Engine follow these steps:

Note that the Infinity Engine includes a modded version of the Sphax PureBDCraft texture pack (64x) in it, but it is not enabled by default. Simply click on the "Texture Packs" option when the game has laucnhed, and switch to it. You can use other texture packs, but you will have to compile them yourself.

So where do I connect to?

The address for the server is minecraft.siradio.fm using the default port (i.e. you don't have to write it in).

Alright, I'm in.. but I'm trapped inside a dark room and I can't do anything!!!

All brand new players spawn inside the waiting room. The waiting room's purpose is first to inform you about the rules of the server (yes there are a few to ensure that we are all happy in the server), and to avoid potential griefers that might log in and start destroying other people's work while we are not looking. At this stage you do not have access to do anything other than read the rules that are hanging on the waiting room's walls, as well as flip through the book in your inventory which contains useful information about the server.

To "escape" the waiting room, you'll need to be promoted to a Builder by the server admin (aMUSiC). Hit "T" to talk to other players online and introduce yourself. When you talk to other players your nickname will appear in yellow. If the admin is not in the game, send an e-mail to amusic@siradio.fm in order to get set up with your access. You will know that you have access when your nickname appears green on the chat. At this point type /spawn in the chat to exit the grim looking waiting room, and appear in our cozy mountain cabin.

So what now?

Now, play the game. If you don't have experience with modded versions of minecraft, it can be a bit intimidating using what Infinity Engine has to offer you. Don't feel overwhelmed though. We are all learning through experimentation. So feel free to ask around in the server if you need any help. Our players are always willing to help.

Enough reading! Can I go play now?

By all means :)